What are the anticipated opportunities for public involvement/comment for this project?

We anticipate additional virtual plans display (via this project website) and web/tele presentations in 2023 as part of the Environmental Assessment process. Additionally, we anticipate displaying plans in municipal buildings.  Invitations and announcements will be made once the plans display has been scheduled.  Comments can be submitted any time via the comment section of this website or in writing to:

Sibty Hasan, P.E., P.M.P.
PennDOT District 6-0
7000 Geerdes Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA 19406

What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to facilitate safe and efficient travel within and through the project study area to meet current and future transportation needs while providing a functional and modern roadway that meets driver expectations.

Will sound barriers be included in the RC2 project?

Sound barriers will be placed along U.S. 1 SB from the southern end of the new U.S. 1 SB bridge over SR 2037 and the CSX/SEPTA railroad tracks north to the Old Lincoln Highway/Service Road entrance to U.S. 1 SB.

How long is the estimated construction duration?

The construction duration within the RC2 corridor is currently anticipated to take approximately 5.5 years total, through Summer 2026; however, it should be noted that this schedule is subject to factors such as utility relocations, weather, etc.

Will there be nighttime construction on this project?

Due to high traffic volumes and the need to maintain 2 lanes of traffic in each direction on U.S. 1 from 5am to 9pm, certain construction operations will be restricted to nighttime work when additional working room (i.e. additional lane closures) is necessary. PennDOT will attempt to limit the amount of nighttime work permitted through requirements included in the contract documents.

How will this project affect traffic during construction of the RC2 corridor?

To limit congestion, queues, and delays due to construction, 2 lanes of traffic will be maintained in both directions on the U.S. 1 mainline and along Street Road from 5am to 9pm. Based on experience along the corridor, traffic will be able to be reduced to 1 lane in each direction from 9pm to 5am, when traffic volumes are much lower.

At certain times throughout the life of the project, 15-minute rolling traffic stoppages are anticipated to allow for overhead work such as bridge demolition, bridge beam installation, overhead sign structure truss installation, etc. These traffic stoppages will be limited to occur during overnight hours when traffic volumes are the lowest.